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Single Blade by TatsujinEdge
Single Blade
I still have problems just figuring out this day to day thing. How do you keep things in perspective it such a momentous with so much to do so much to try and work on, and that is just yourself. What about what you want to for everyone what you want to do for you family for you friends for the human race. Yet we have so little time to wrap this all up in. It boggles when you try to lay it out at once and is yet so amazing...So much to do, and so much I want to do.

Was really working on this armor kinda like the way it came out. I plan on work with that hex pattern again it didn't come quite as planned but I like it and will find some way to use it better :nod:
Contemplate by TatsujinEdge
World is mess and we are all trying to make the best of it that we can.  I realize there is so much i want to do and I have done so little of it.  I miss so many friends I feel like my life  is taking me away from them but not towards anything worth putting that friendship on the line for. I strive to make the people I know proud of what I am doing and what i plan to do.

Older one I found so the anatomy is a bit off something i am really focusing on now, but i like her expression. More and better to come...
Modded by TatsujinEdge
Wow dug this one up by accident older sketch can see the minor style changes and how I kinda mess up on anatomy in this pose, Well live and learn. Hmm might try this pose again see if i can do it better...


United States
Favourite genre of music: Everything except stuff that sucks
Favourite style of art: Anime/Realistic
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: itunes/ipod
Shell of choice: Diamond Coated (for rainy days)
Skin of choice: What ever i'm in
Tagged so 8 things about me eh?

1. Most of the time I feel like a perpetual loser :D . Still this does not mean that my life just sucks. I earn a lot of  good things happening to me through what I do. Still I wish I could do better on some very important things to me in those respects I seem to be a constantly messing it up lol. I still don't know what to .
2. I get influenced by things at random when it comes to my art seeing different styles can cause some pretty odd changes to mine.
3. Because of the previous sometimes I pick style traits I hate by accident
4. I’m told that I have a lot of patience and that most of the time its very hard to nigh (heh nigh :lol: ) impossible to anger/piss me off (although I don’t see it that way I’m always angry over something :P)
5. I often over-think situations sometimes making me slow to act on some crucial decisions (I hate it cause a lot of the time even I get pissed off at it)
6. Honestly as of late I have been finding it very hard to concentrate on anything so much of my usual routine and what I find fun feels like I’m wasting time. The flipside is I have no idea what I should be doing otherwise…..
7. Before I stopped drawing a few years back my style was extremely violent and explicit (blood, guts and gore :lol: ) Now that I’m back at it (despite recent block) I’ve toned it down it abit but if feel my style is improving because of this (although I do a few random ones here and there :D )
8. I think my artist block is just symptom of something else though I really have yet to nail that down

Tagged by :iconancientblade44:
Hey if you want to have a ball and enjoy yourself :D

Sorry everybody for being kinda of sporadic lately. I have been a bit busy so I have a had a bit of trouble keeping up with everything. I have been keeping up with art and all but comments have been a bit neglected. So if ya haven’t gotten a reply for something even pretty simple sorry and it should be forthcoming soon (current comments are at about 500+ and I know only 200 or so are journals lol). On other fronts I am working on something my artist block is still killing me but this on piece demands that I do it so much that it kinda surpassed my current problems. Still I tried other pieces and I find nothing there lol. Well this piece kinda has something do with how things are going made it just something I needed to get out and this might be the best way. Still its been slow going cause I feel like I’m fighting myself while I’m doing it lol. Well this update is pretty sad as I have nothing to show and no good news to bring but I figure do tag small update win win :D .

EDIT 10/26: Okay that took forever but i think i'm caught up so much stuff to see and read kinda overloaded for a bit well if i missed you or forgot to comment then please drop me a note.
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  • Watching: Resident Evil Extinction
  • Playing: umm Halo 3/guitar hero (for breaks)
  • Eating: samich
  • Drinking: soda



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Yep always sketching something up though last month kinda had a bit of block.  Anyway just been lazy posting but ya know what I will throw up a few over the next few days lol. We'll see if I've grown any heh. Thanks for the message. We all need a kick once and awhile.
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